Who said tears only symbolized sadness?

We will always remember Marcos & Maggie as a unique, kind, friendly and energetic couple. In our first meeting, rather than talk about their event, we decided to get to know each other personally through a long conversation that led us to create the chemistry needed to work together.
Their story was undoubtedly an essential factor that led us to appreciate the love that the two feel. I don’t remember hearing of a relationship of so many years of many experiences together. And in the end, each day only feeds their love more and more.
Both Marco and Maggie gave themselves entirely on their special day. They were so excited about living their dream of making it come true. The smiles and tears of emotion did not stop, and it was this event that helped us create a romantic, tender film, but at the same time with the extroverted energy of the couple.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special day. May God bless you always and will enable you to move forward in life with love, working together to achieve more of those dreams.
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